Enjoy the best flavours, the best company and the best atmosphere


  • Father´s Day 2023

  • Mother´s Day 2023

  • Gambas al Ajillo - Especialidad

  • Solomillo con Salsa de Champiñones

  • Lasaña Vegetal

  • Tortilla Española

  • Spaguetti con Albondigas

  • Ensalada Galea

  • MG Mesón Galea - Hamburguesa Vegetariana

  • MG Mesón Galea - Burger Vegetarian

  • Entrecot

  • Goffre con Helado

  • Fish and Chips


If you are looking for the best dining experience in Torrevieja, you have found the perfect place!

At MG Mesón Galea, we pride ourselves on offering you a first class dining experience with a unique combination of high quality local and international cuisine. Our menu is based on the best fresh ingredients of the day and offers a wide variety of options to suit all tastes, including an excellent wine list and a spectacular cocktail menu.

Whether you prefer to dine in the main dining room or a romantic dinner on one of our 2 terraces, at MG Mesón Galea you are guaranteed a cosy and elegant atmosphere. And with our online booking system, making your reservation is quick and easy!

Not only do we offer a first class dining experience, but we also pride ourselves on being one of the best restaurants in Torrevieja. We also accept cryptocurrencies so you can pay with the currency of your choice.

Come and enjoy a stylish dinner at MG Mesón Galea.

We have among other specialities, the best Fish and Chips in Torrevieja!

Our Passion

Our passion is you, we give you the best of ourselves.

We work with the freshest ingredients to create delicious tapas and dishes that will take you on a journey of international flavours.

On our website, you will find our complete menu so you can choose whatever you fancy and book your table online to enjoy a wonderful breakfast, lunch or dinner in an elegant and cozy atmosphere.

Come visit us and discover why we are the perfect place for food and service lovers!


About US

Ready for an unparalleled gastronomic experience?

Come to MG Mesón Galea in Torrevieja and discover the best combination of national and international flavors.

From our exquisite dishes to our wide selection of wines and cocktails, every bite and sip will transport you to a world of culinary delights.

And not only that, our incomparable atmosphere will make you feel right at home. Are you ready for a unique experience? Click the button to discover more about us and book your table today.

We await you with open arms at MG Mesón Galea!


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The Best Social Network
The best social network is a table surrounded by the people you love, enjoying a good meal and a cold beer, or a good wine, at MG Mesón Galea.
MG Mesón Galea



Julio (Juliosabinagolf)

Excellent draught beer, perfect foam, great flavor and freshness, I will definitely return.



An à la carte feast for four, everything was scrumptious and the service was unparalleled, I wholeheartedly recommend it, the premier spot in Torretas III and its vicinity, whether it be for dining or imbibing.

Pilar Morales Mengual

Everything was very good and a very handsome waiter.

Andrés P.

Excellent service, delicious food. The new management of Mesón Galea has really made this place much better. If you visit Torrevieja on vacation or live in the city, you can't miss this place. In addition, it is one of the few places in Torrevieja where you can pay with cryptocurrencies if you wish, and also buy cryptocurrencies. Something we liked a lot is the level of cleanliness and disinfection that they carry out continuously against COVID-19, this has transmitted us a lot of security when eating at Mesón Galea. We will repeat.

Luis Bermudez

The best bar and the best people in Torrevieja... You are phenomenal.

Ivan Guti14

Good treatment good food, I recommend it. 👌

Juan miguel Bermúdez Maldonado

Superb service, the BEST IN Torretas 3, I wholeheartedly recommend it. The coolest beer in the ENTIRETY of TORREVIEJA

Vanessa Pelaez Victoria

Incredibly personable, attentive, always ensuring your needs are met, the cuisine is scrumptious and reasonably priced

Javier Del Valle Martos

Well attended, the best coffee to my taste, 5 stars for a place where you don't lack anything and you don't have to wait.

Juan Jose Carpintero Ferreira

A bar-restaurant with a vibrant personality and charming aesthetic, we had an amazing meal and received fantastic service from the proprietor. Highly recommendable....👍

Maria Lourdes Rojas Arzamendia

Good attention, very friendly and attentive waiter. Varied and good dishes.

Samuel Ángel Fernández

An outstanding location for spending time with family, commemorating birthdays, and more!!!




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